Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Dream Come True was the day...the day my little girl's dream came true. She got a horse. What little girl never dreamed of having her own pony? you can see here...her new horse, Cozy, is far beyond some little pony. In fact...she's a racing thoroughobred, who has won at least $90,000 in winnings.
You'd think that 4 kids, a lazy cat, and a new puppy would be enough right?'s never enough for the Malone family. This deal was a deal we couldn't pass up. Shea's dear friend, Erin, who lives down the street owns a horse named Misty. During the summertime they like to board another's called "feed leasing" so they have 2 horses to ride and their horse, Misty, has a companion. Only this summer their friend ran out of horses to lease. Erin's dad, still on the hunt for a horse, was nice enough to put a ad out on Craigslist. To our surprise we got a return message from a girl named Courtney who was leaving to go to college in Santa Barabara and needed to find a good home for Cozy....for good. She even emphasized ..."I just want to find a good home for her and that is why I am not interested in selling her." I think that is when Shea actually started losing sleep over this. I had to put duct tape on her eyes to make her get some rest she was soooo tickled pink.
So long story short...Cozy is ours now and resides at Erin's home down the street. I warned Erin's parents that by doing this they were not only acquiring a new horse...but another daughter. Shea's been there since 7:00am this morning and insists on spending the night there tonight. So what was so bittersweet to see sweet Courtney leave Cozy behind this morning, and with her wiping away a tear from her cheek...I looked over at Shea to see her absolutely beaming with joy. I knew then that Courtney had made the right choice in leaving Cozy with Shea. I think that what makes being a parent so grand sometimes is getting pure joy out of seeing your child's dreams REALLY come true.


The Jacksons said...

So Sweet. Congratulations to Shea. Looking forward to watching her ride.


jerry said...

Cozy may help save on gasoline bills!

The BuchWILDS said...

how sweet! Those will be some great scrappin pictures!

Devonne said...

That is such a sweet story. I am sure she will be a good lil mama to that horse!