Monday, September 29, 2008

A New Season...for Everything's officially Fall...I believe the most beautiful season of all. As you can see here, we have already done our pumpkin picking for this year's "soon-to-be-called Jack-o-lanterns." That was the discussion the whole way home..."what are you going to carve your pumpkin like?" I glad I did not get a pumpkin for myself...I am going to have enough pumpkins all around to help carve at my house!! The kids were great...and Bates Nut Farm is always a guaranteed fun time for all. We rode the tractor hayride(which was Kye's favorite), picked out pumpkins and ran through the corn maze. My dad and I laughed at jokes we were cracking about having "Children of the Corn." We visited the petting zoo and fed the squawking ducks dirty corn off of the ground...they didn't seem to care a bit that it was covered in dirt. Only one duck pecked at Miley's hand and that scared her off enough not to want to feed them anymore. They sure were noisy things! By noon we all had rosy cheeks from the hot sun beating on we decided to head back to coastal Carlsbad where the marine layer is a forsure thing. What a great day...and great pumpkins guys......thanks Dad...Kye and all my kiddos for a new memory mad that will not be long forgotten...Much Love...Brittani


Michele Reed said...

what a FUN are way ahead of fall decorations are still in boxes in the garage, and the only pumpkins i've seen were the "assorted harvest" box in the produce section of Costco...i will catch up though! i LOVE AUTUMN!

jerry said...

Good times at the punkin' patch. Who would have thought that I would get excited about visiting a field with a bunch of orange squash piled in the middle of it. And pay for the priviledge of doing it! We had a great time, though.


Kimmy said...

What a cutie! You have the cutest family.